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Web Standards Group: Meeting July 5th, 2016

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Date and Time: 
July 5, 2016 - 10:30am - 12:00pm
2110 Kerr Hall
Zoom online meeting:
  1. Welcome new members (JC)
  2. Review meeting minutes for June, 2016
  4. WTX Update (AM)
  5. GitHub Issues:
  6. Accessibility updates?
  7. Matt Hall meeting recap: Pantheon/ Centralized hosting
  8. Resource:
  9. Site of the month: TBD
  10. class of the month: Bootstrap 4
  11. Open discussion / time permitting

WGS Meeting Minutes from 7/5


8 attendees (6 local, 2 remote)


No new attendees.


Previous meeting minutes reviewed and approved by multiple members.


WTX meeting update from Aaron Martin.


GitHub: Lots of activity in GitHub, but nothing “controversial” that needs to be discussed in the WSG meeting.


Accessibility: WebAIM is no longer available for UCSB. Search for alternate in the works.


WSG Co-chairs meeting with Matt Hall, UCSB CIO went well. Funding approved for the 2016-2017 year. Co-chairs shared with Matt what WSG was all about. He asked what he could do for us, we suggested some more visibility to bring in new blood and reinvigorate others to help with WSG’s mission. We chatted about better centralizing services such as using Pantheon to host Drupal sites. This topic had some good discussion in the group.


Site of the Month (on the spot) by Diane Soini. This is a demo of how she runs drupal sites for others. Give them a basic starter template and lets them do some minor customizations. training of the Month: First look at Bootstrap 4.


Discussion items:


Judyann asked about touch enabled smart boards to show maps and limited webpages.


Gary mention jQuery 3.0 is out, and Microsoft Dotnet is out for Linux, Mac, etc.