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About Groups

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This site uses the concept of "Groups" to control access to different areas of the site. Logged-in users (i.e., users with a UCSBNetID) automatically are members of the UCSB-wide group called "Campus."

The use of Groups allows site contributors to restrict content to designated group "members." Among the more obvious Group areas of the site are those listed under Committees and Groups, like the ITPG. A person who becomes a member of the ITPG area of the site, for example, will automatically be able to view any content on the site that is published to the ITPG group. He or she can also create content on the site and restrict it to the ITPG membership if desired; publish it to the Campus or another group; and/or make it public for anyone to see.

Each group has an owner who is the default group administrator. In addition to the usual Group member privileges, the owner can add or remove members from the group, broadcast messages to registered group members, designate other members as a group administrators, manage the group menu, and publish News articles that will appear to the designated audiences on both the group home page and the site's main home page.

Each group has the following default site content:

  • A group home page, featuring a chronological listing of all postings that have been published to that group and designated for display on the home page.
  • A group menu that can be used for linking to group content.
  • A group search feature.
  • A listing of all group events.
  • A listing of all group posts.
  • A Group Actions menu that provides contextual content-creation and membership links.

Projects on the site function just like groups. Authenticated users can become members of and contribute content to a project. Like group content, project content can be restricted to members only, shared with other groups including the Campus group, or made public.