The Flexcard Allocation service allows UCSB employees who have authority to purchase goods and services for their departments use FlexCards, a visa procurement card issued by the U.S. Bank, for those purchases. 

The FlexCard Allocation Module receives all purchase transactions from the U.S. Bank and distributes them to each Cardholder’s department for allocation and approval. The module generates a notification to the Cardholder and all department Allocators and Reviewers. 

Login to Flexcard Allocation 

FlexCard Allocation Module features include:

Complete instructions on: 

  • Allocating and approving transactions, including use-tax modifications

  • Charge splitting

  • Default-posted charges review 

Request Information

To access the FlexCard Allocation Module visit bfs.ucsb.edu/procurement/flexcard. Departments can request information from their Department Security Administrator.

Special Considerations

Not applicable.


Visit the IT Services Catalog at ucsb.service-now.com/it and click on the Enterprise Business Applications box, then Enterprise Business Application Problem. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for this service includes a response time of eight hours.