The FlexCard Management module provides departments with the ability to set up and manage their FlexCard Program.

All potential Cardholders, Allocators, and Reviewers use the Management module to take exams to quality for their roles. Established departments use the module to maintain the roles of their Department Administrators, Cardholders, Allocators, and Reviewers, including deleting or activating program participants, and requests for changes to FlexCards. 

FlexCard training is available here.

Login to FlexCard Management

Request Information

To access the FlexCard Management module click on flexcard.ets.ucsb.edu or the Espresso Financial Application. Departments can request information from their Department Security Administrator.

Special Considerations

Not applicable.


Visit the IT Services Catalog at ucsb.service-now.com/it and click on the Enterprise Business Applications box, then Enterprise Business Application Problem. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for this service includes a response time of eight hours.