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Information Security Tutorial for UCSB Staff

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Any UCSB staff who deal with restricted information are encouraged to take the Information Security Tutorial for UCSB Staff, available online through the UC Learning Center. (For signup instructions, see How to Access the Information Security Tutorial.)

This free, 50-minute tutorial provides an overview of information security at UCSB. It identifies the kinds of information resources that need to be protected, and why. Users learn how to recognize and respond to six common information security threats, including the following:

  • Loss or theft of mobile devices
  • Malicious hackers
  • Malware
  • Dangerous emails and websites
  • Social engineering
  • Data interception

The tutorial also looks at the implications, for UCSB staff as well as end users and the University, of information security breaches. It goes on to present a series of good practices to help keep information safe, and minimize the impact if a breach does occur. These include:

  • Handling passwords
  • How to send data securely
  • Making an inventory of restricted data
  • Limiting the risk of a compromised system
  • What to do if a breach occurs

The Information Security Tutorial features presenters Karl Heins, Chief Information Security Officer, and Elise Meyer, Associate Director of the Office of Information Technology. Content was developed by network and computing services staff at UC Irvine, and adapted by Karl Heins.