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Keyboard Shortcuts - May 2011

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Keyboard Shortcuts is a monthly newsletter highlighting IT activities for the entire UCSB campus.

1. Campus consultation is underway for a proposal to use FTE to replace the cost allocation for the current monthly Data Network Surcharge on telephone lines and the annual IP Address recharge.  more ...

2. Student Affairs' project to convert the code of the Student Information System from old technology to new technology is on schedule for a June 30, 2012 completion date.

3. The project to address UCSB's old technology Financial Information System no longer includes moving to UCLA's system.  UCSB has embarked on a 6-week project to determine the best available options.

4. UCSB's Academic Senate is currently reviewing the Operational Effectiveness Initiative Phase I projects.  Please see pages 83 - 91 of the EVC's End of the Year Report for all of the projects.  While there is an IT component in a lot of the projects, the IT specific projects are: Outsourcing Student Email, Campus-wide Collaboration Suite, Telephone/VoIP and IT Organization Governance.

5. UCSB's North Hall Data Center project is currently on track for a November - December 2011 completion.

6. The UC PPS Replacement Project should soon be announcing the results of their RFP process.

7. We are looking for groups that would be interested in locating some of their computers at the San Diego Computer Center for UCSB's participation in the UC Regional Data Center.

8. The UC Computing Support Conference (UCCSC) will be at UC Merced August 8 - 9.  UCCSC  is a very cost-effective way for IT staff to learn what the other UC campuses are doing.  The deadline for session proposals has been extended to June 30, 2011.  The conference cost (excluding travel) is $99.

Forward to the next edition.

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