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New Features on

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Group Actions Menu

Logged-in members of groups or projects on have a new feature that should make content creation a little easier.

In the right sidebar of groups or projects you belong to is a Group Actions menu, displaying direct links to the various content types you have permission to create. When you use one of those links to create new content, that content is automatically associated with your group or project.

The Group Actions menu also displays a link to the group or project manager's contact form, a link to the membership list, and a link to a page where you can edit your membership in that group.

Logged-in users who are not members of an open group will only see a link to join or request membership in the Group Actions menu, while users who are not logged in do not see the Group Actions menu at all.

Last Modified Information

Content that users can create on now displays the author and date the content was last modified, as well as the author and date of original posting. This information is especially useful for content types that can be edited by more than one author, like a Wiki Group Page and a Resource page.

Content Locking

Another new feature designed to help users working collaboratively on the same document is Content Locking. This feature prevents another user from making changes to a Wiki Group Page or a Resource page that you have "checked out" for editing.  The content lock is released when you navigate away from your page, or save it.  If you leave a page open in edit mode, the content lock will automatically expire after 30 minutes of inaction.

More information can be found in the site Help pages. For questions or comments on these or any other features of, please Contact Us.