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Group Description Owner Posts Members Join Link
Academic Technology Planning Group The Academic Technology Planning Group makes recommendations on IT support for the academic mission of the University. Alan Moses 2 2 Request membership
Admin Projects IT Forum Forum for addressing impact of enterprise administrative projects on campus IT units Douglas Drury 4 13 Request membership
Backbone Engineering Group ITPG subcommittee that makes recommendations on campus networking plans, strategies, and implementations. Glenn Schiferl 16 15 Request membership
Connect Governance Group Connect Governance Group Jamie Sonsini 5 2 Invite only
Connect Technical Coordination Group Connect Technical Coordination Group Jamie Sonsini 15 5 Invite only
Drupal Users Resource and discussion hub for site-builders, themers, and developers who work with Drupal. James Woods 70 19 Join
Enterprise Information Systems Planning Group The EISPG makes recommendations to the IT Board on campus-wide Information Systems project plans and proposals. Lubomir Bojilov 8 30 Request membership
Identity Management Working Group Campus working group for Identity Management Karl Heins 30 45 Request membership
Information Technology Board The ITB makes recommendations to the Executive Vice-Chancellor on priorities and plans for campus-wide IT. admin 3 Invite only
Information Technology Planning Group Campus forum for information technology planning. Richard Kip 135 88 Request membership
IT & Communications Operating Effectiveness Working Group Develops strategic solutions for the streamlining and optimizing of IT and communications services across all Divisions. Elise Meyer 26 23 Request membership
IT Council The IT Council reports to the ITB and serves in an advisory capacity in an effort to facilitate effective IT decision making. Elise Meyer 43 31 Invite only
IT Infrastructure Funding Committee The committee seeks to devise an improved funding model for "common good" IT services, replacing the current RUAC and DNS fees. Thomas Putnam 14 16 Request membership
IT OE Phase II Committee that addresses IT governance structures for campus-wide efficiency. Douglas Drury 5 14 Invite only
ITPG Campus Calendaring Work Group ITPG work group to produce a set of recommendations related to campus calendaring and scheduling services and interoperability. Jamie Sonsini 55 19 Invite only
ITPG Communications Subcommittee An ITPG working group. Ann Dundon 92 21 Request membership
Oracle Coordination Group UC-wide group documenting campus interests in Oracle hardware and software. Kimberly Allen 4 4 Join
Security Working Group ITPG subcommittee that makes recommendations on computer and network security issues. Kevin Schmidt 23 30 Request membership
Shared Support Tools Working group on shared support tools for the campus. Ann Dundon 17 13 Invite only
Student E-Mail Governance A governance group for the UCSB Student E-Mail service Randall Ehren 11 18 Request membership
UC Committees University of California system-wide Information technology committees. Elise Meyer 4 2 Closed
Web Standards Group ITPG subcommittee that makes recomendations on Web guidelines and best practices. Denise Saludares 270 64 Request membership
Web Technology Exchange (WTX) Web Technology Exchange Aaron Martin 69 6 Join
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