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10 GE Backbone Upgrade

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To meet the requirements of funded research grants, the campus needs to supply 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) availability across the backbone core.

Core Router Upgrade Status

It has been a while since I've provided an update on the core router upgrade project, so here's the latest information.  Five of six routers have been replaced, with the remaining router likely to be replaced some early morning during the week of January 17th. The most challenging replacement thus far was in Engineering I, which took many hours and was a complete rip-and-replace project; many thanks to those who helped make it a success!

Core Router Upgrade Status

After a successful first installation, the remaining five core routers will be installed on an aggressive schedule. The objective is to complete installations before the winter break, in part to meet a deadline for trade-in credit and also to avoid problems with the expiration of maintenance contracts.

Campus Network Outage 9/10 6:00-6:30am; First Nexus 7010 in Production

On Friday, Sept. 10th, there will be a campus network outage between 6:00-6:30am. During this outage, all campus core routers will be modified to run Rapid-PVST spanning tree, rather than the older PVST. As the names imply, Rapid-PVST is like PVST, but faster. While PVST takes 30-40 seconds to reconfigure the network after a topology change -- dropping traffic during the process -- Rapid-PVST takes less than 5 seconds. Changing to Rapid-PVST is required by the new campus core routers, and should be helpful when we start upgrading intra-core links to 10Gb.

Core Router Equipment Arrived, Installation Notes

The new Nexus 7010 core routers arrived last week. These boxes are large and heavy, weighing around 400lbs and approximately 37" tall and 38" deep.

10Gb core upgrade equipment ordered

Equipment has been ordered for the core router upgrade.  The upgrade primarily consists of seven Cisco Nexus 7010 switches, as well as small switches for out-of-band management and some spare parts.  The new switches should arrive during the first half of July, and we're actively working on site preparation issues at the current core locations. 

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