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Calendar Interoperability

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This ITPG Workgroup was created to develop techniques for sharing calendaring data between systems.  On campus currently there are a large number of Oracle Calendar (formerly CorporateTime) users, a growing number of Outlook (Exchange) users, and also a growing number of users of "cloud" services such as Google Calendaring.  There is also a growing interest in calendar accessibility from Mobile Devices such as smart-phones.

The initial undertaking of this group is to document techniques to allow Oracle, Outlook and Google Calendar users to:

  1. Share their calendar with others
  2. Send an invitation to a user of another calendaring system
  3. Post in to their calendar an invitation received from another calendaring system user

Many of these techniques should also be of use to users of other calendaring systems.

Sharing Calendaring Information Between Systems

The following  scenarios describe usage cases between Oracle Calendaring, Microsoft Outlook (Exchange), and Google Calendar.  Many of these scenarios may also apply to working with other calendar systems.

Synchronize your Oracle Calendar with your Mobile Device and Google

Smart-Phone Syncing with CorporateTime (aka "Oracle Calendar")

Several smart-phone devices are able to synchronize their calendar with our CorporateTime calendar service using the proper synchronization software. These include:

RIM Blackberry

Nexthaus Corporation provides SyncML software for Blackberry devices.  This software, called SyncJE, is available for purchase from Nexthaus Corporation:

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