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Phase I Network Wiring Projects

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Biological Sciences II

Departmental Contact: Larry Murdock

The Bio II project, requiring new entrance cable, workstation wiring, riser and comm closet work, fiber terminations and testing, has been completed. The Bio II building now has approximately 90 miles of Cat5e workstation wiring in place.

11/01/00-2/15/01 Occupants mark up floor plans with drop locations. OIT prepares riser diagrams, scope of work for workstation wiring, etc.
3/15-4/30/01 Comm closets prepared for impending work (existing phone wiring is "floated" off the backboards to make room for new wiring, terminal blocks, etc.).
4/9/01 -11/15/00 Workstation wiring project in full swing. Fifteen communications closets upgraded and over 1000 drops (each drop has 3 RJ45 ports) installed, terminated, and tested. Fiber terminated and tested and two DBS systems installed to replace old "10A2" phone systems.
2/4/02-4/15/02 Create punch list with input from departmental contact and work with vendor to ensure all items resolved.
4/30/02 A "post-mortem" meeting took place to discuss project successes and things that could've been done differently or better. Overall comments: project was a success. Valuable feedback was gathered to take forward and improve on future projects.
7/17-8/13/02 The phone cutover to the new wiring occurred and all old cabling is being removed (from the ceiling to the floor) within the communications closets.
8/22/02 Removal of old wiring in some areas created riser openings, which need to be firestopped. Also, we need to have 3 electrical emergency generated circuits extended to network equipment rack
10/4/02 FM estimate for firestopping and e-power work approved.
11/06/02 E-power work and firestopping to take place.
12/02 E-power work completed. Project complete!

Note: During the course of the project: FM created space in the basement for custodial equipment (floor buffers, etc.) which eliminated the equipment from being stored in the comm closets and reduced the chance of disrupting data and voice services. Sub and main terminals were re-keyed.

Biological Sciences III

Departmental Contact: Larry Murdock

The Bio III project, which required a cable tray system, and extensive conduit work in addition to the workstation wiring, was completed September 19, 2001.

5/01 Research "as-built" drawings for existing plumbing and mechanical infrastructure
6/01 Design cable tray layout.
6/6/01 Job walk with contractors for estimate.
6/15/01 Cable tray estimate received.
6/20/0 Minor Cap sent to B&P and the Chancellor for approval.
7/23/01 Minor Cap approved.
7/27-8/15/01 Cable tray system installed.
6/15-7/31/01 Scope of work developed for workstation wiring.
8/9/01 Workstation wiring and conduit work job walk with contractor.
8/17-9/19/01 Conduit work and workstation wiring installed and completed.
2/04/02-2/28/02 Create punch list with input from departmental contact and work with vendor to ensure all items resolved.
4/30/02 A post-mortem meeting took place in April 2002 to discuss project successes and things that could've been done differently or better. Overall comments: Project was a success especially considering the short time frame, the quality of the installation and amount of work accomplished.
11/01/02 Requested estimate to cutover phone lines in Bio III.
3/03 Phone cutover complete. Project complete!

Engineering II

Departmental Contact: Tom Marazita

Install 12/12 fiber cable from main terminal to 11 comm closets and run Cat5e to nine locations in order to eliminate the use of thicknet.

4/23/01-6/27/0 Prep comm closets for fiber patch panel placement.
5/01 Had conduits installed to create new riser paths and increase riser capacity in 11 comm closets.
10/01-11/01 12SM/12MM fiber cable and innerduct installed in 11 communications closets. Nine runs of Cat5e placed, which allowed occupants to eliminate the use of thicknet wiring in the building.
11/16/01-4/5/02 12/12 fiber cable terminated and tested.
10/31/02 Met with Tom and Luc to discuss the remaining 24SM/24MM fiber run.
3/03 Installation, termination and testing of 24SM/24MM fiber completed.
8/04 Final post-mortem notes emailed to participants.

Davidson Library

Departmental Contact: Larry Carver

Install 52 Workstation Drops

Install 52 workstation drops in many areas of the Library. This project is complete with all 52 drops in place.

1/5/02 Research "as-built" drawings for existing communications infrastructure, including conduits, floor ducts, cable tray, book elevator, and a comm closet in a Men's restroom on the 4th floor. We made full use of the "discovered" conduit, which was built into the 4-story section and had never been utilized since it was built in 1975. Pull lines were still there and were only useful to pull in new pull lines!
2/3/02 -4/30/02 Installation, terminating and testing of the workstation drops.
1/03 Post-mortem was held 1/30/03.

Protect Five Shared Spaces Containing Custodial and Communications

The 8-story section of the Library was built with data and voice riser conduits located in the same rooms as the custodial mop sinks and electrical panels. Not ideal placement for communications and network needs. The cleaning fluids create a humid and corrosive environment for comm and network equipment and the mop handles do a great job of shorting out phone lines and disconnecting patch cables.

12/01 Review project with Comm Servs for best way to proceed. Discuss plans with occupants.
1/4/02 Begin plan to protect network gear from custodial broom and mop handles and water and cleaning fluids.
2/4/02 Have 3-3" conduit sleeves cored into "vault" to provide path to migrate network gear and patch cables into a dry and safe environment. Have ladder tray installed to provide support for cables in the vault. Patch cable "bundles" of the same length created to prepare for cutover and to eliminate the chance of a longer than needed patch cable being installed after our work was done.
3/7/02 Assist occupants with cutover from old network gear to HP Procurve on 1st floor. Work in four other shared environments was not quite as extensive as the first floor. We repeated the preparation to cutover from old network gear to new and created patch cable "bundles" in remaining closets.
7/02 MOST of the work completed July 2002.
11/21/02 Last bit of work in comm closet completed.
1/03 Post-mortem was held 1/30/03.


Departmental Contact: Larry Murdock

This project, requiring a cable tray system, new riser conduits, and workstation wiring is almost complete.

4/6/01 Cost share project with Psych to create separate comm closet on the 3rd floor.
5/21/01 New 4 - 3" lateral conduits were installed to link the 1300 wing to the 1500 wing.
7/10/01-9/04/01 Three 3" riser conduits within communications closets were installed to provide a path for new riser cables and future growth.
4/6/02 Work with FM (Steve Eggemeyer), Phillips Metsch Sweeney Moore Architects, to resolve cable tray layout design issues and the upcoming Psych Reno project to ensure that the necessary remodel work can occur without disrupting the cable tray and that it will remain intact post-Reno. Consulted with structural engineer Terry Tsang to ensure that the structural integrity of the building would not be compromised by the cable tray work, as well.
6/15-7/21/02 Cable tray installation completed.
7/02 Working with Lynne Pritchard and Paul Gawronik to determine if an upcoming FM project to remove old ducts in the building can release funds to have the incinerator duct in the 3rd floor comm closet removed now.
8/1-9/23/02 Installation of "Panduit" raceway, comm closet riser work and workstation wiring work in progress.
9/23-10/1/02 Faceplates and termination of cable within offices and labs completed.
10/2/02 Work contained in the comm closets now.
10/02 No 10A2 system to replace as all office phones are single line now.
6/15/02-7/21/02 Incinerator duct removed by EH&S/Karcher. No problems. Ceiling needs repair.
10/21/02 Ceiling repaired. 1st & 2nd floor terminated & tested.
11/06/02 3rd floor termination complete.
11/15/02 Perform building walk-through with contractor to document remaining project items to be completed.
11/19/02 Fiber termination and testing begins.
11/21/02 3rd floor copper testing to begin.
1/03 98% of the phone cutover work completed.
2/03 Firestopping review by EH&S (still in progress).
3/03 Five workstation drops installed in the lecture hall area.
4/03 Remaining cutover work and punch list items to be completed.
6/03 One remaining punchlist item: Move one light fixture in second floor comm closet.
8/03 Light fixture moved. Project complete.
4/04 Post-mortem meeting with participants. Final notes emailed 5/07/04.

Noble Hall

Departmental Contact: Larry Murdock

This project, requiring a cable tray system, riser conduit work, 2nd floor comm closet and workstation wiring, is almost complete.

12/00 Move fiber out of old terminal room (rm. 1325) into 1266 and re-arrange backboard area. Rm. 1325 was used to house emergency generator.
2/3/01 Remove existing lockers from the second floor of Noble Hall to create a communications closet.
4/5/01 Have 2-3" riser conduits installed from the 1st floor comm closets to the new 2nd floor comm closet.
3/8/02 Work with Budget & Planning (Julie Cunningham), RBB Architects, FM (Frank Castanha), structural engineer Lyn Howard, network and departmental contact folks to resolve cable tray layout design issues. Noble Hall is slated to be renovated in 2004/5, so we needed to work out a cable tray design that would survive post-renovation.
8/21/02 Cable tray job walk with FM and contractors bidding on the project.
8/28/02 Sealed bids due back and to be opened at 2:30pm.
9/20-9/27/02 Coring by contractor completed.
10/7-10/11/02 Cable tray installation completed.
10/11/02 Conduit sleeves and 2" conduits installed.
10/15/02 Panduit installation begins.
11/8/02 2nd floor Panduit work to be completed.
11/12/02 1st floor Panduit work to begin.
11/12-11/15/02 Two 3" conduits added to complete lateral run on 1st floor. Two 3" conduits broken out into room 1104.
11/19/02 West wing Panduit work completed on 1st floor. Now working in North wing.
11/25/02-2/28/03 Workstation wiring and comm closet work to take place and be completed.
11/15/02 Requested estimates for DBS phone system, fiber termination and testing, and phone cutover, also comm closet work in room 1266.
2/03 Fiber termination and testing completed.
4/03 Creating and working on punch list. Firestopping system approved by EH&S.
5/03 Phone cutover has been completed.
6/03 Remaining punchlist item: Complete cable management in room 1104 for fiber lateral.
7/03 Cable management completed. Project complete.
8/04 Post-mortem notes emailed to participants for review and comments.
9/04 Post-mortem meeting held to discuss project highlights, successes, and process as it relates to upcoming renovation project in Noble.
11/04 Final post-mortem notes emailed to participants. Project complete.