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Phase III Network Wiring Projects

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In June 2005, a call went out to all departments asking them to identify critical network wiring needs. New projects were submitted and cost estimates were generated for the projects. Staff met with the associated control points so that they could prioritize their projects. Of the seventeen unfunded projects, two were implemented under the Phase III process.

The projects slated for Phase II are listed below.

Music, Bldg. 531

Departmental Contact: Mark Somerfield

Music IBW Phase III includes the 1100, 1200, 1400, 2200, and 2400 wings of Music. The total number of new workstation drops was approximately 235. The project included a conduit and junction box cable distribution system, along with some raceway, for the workstation drops. The project included network drops to support a campus wireless network, pending funding. (Risers, communications closets and workstation wiring in the 1300 and 2300 wings were completed under IBW Phase II).

3/13/07 Finish design work for wiring 3 wings (1100, 1200, 2200 and Arts/Music Library.
3/14/07 FM reviews document and drawings.
3/28/07 Drawings and specs are reproduced.
4/5/07 First public advertisement.
4/12/07 Second public advertisement.
4/19/07 Pre-bid conference.
4/27/07 Bid opening.
5/21/07 Notice to proceed issued to Blum & Sons.
6/11/07 Procure materials and staging materials.
6/18/07 Layout out cores and coring work commences in 1200 and 2200 wings.
6/18-7/16/07 Conduit and junction box installation in 1200 and 2200 wings.
7/5/07 Painting work begins.
7/16-7/27/07 Data wiring and terminations.
7/23-8/3/07 1100 wing coring, conduit and j-box installation, painting, terminations and testing.
8/1-9/14/07 Alternates: Arts and Music libraries conduit and j-box installation, painting, terminations and testing.
9/14/07 Punch list phase.

Engineering 1, Bldg. 556

Departmental Contact: Chris La Vino

This was an IBW project for the entire building. It included a complete riser system of conduit and new communications (copper, fiber and coax) distribution cables, 8 sub-terminal locations to build-out, a complete cable tray conduit/junction box cable distribution system on all five floors, and workstation wiring throughout the building (approximately 760 drops). The project included network drops to support a campus wireless network, pending funding.

8/13/07 Provide FM with complete set of plans and specifications for review.
9/12/07 Receive from FM the plans with requested updates and changes.
9/24/07 Deliver updated plans to FM.
9/25/07 Make additional changes to set of plans and provide to FM.

Cheadle Hall, Bldg. 552

Departmental Contact: LSIT

This project was designed to includs a complete riser system involving gutting all abandoned cables from approximately14 sub-terminal locations, cutting out existing communications boxes, running new communications distribution cables (copper, fiber and coax) into sub-terminals, along with build-out (relay racks, fire-rated backboard, etc.) in these locations. Wiring of the second floor to the campus standard was also part of the design plan, pending funding. There is no current funding for this project.