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NHDC Goals

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The North Hall Data Center is intended to be a general resource for computing at UCSB. It is often referred to as a "Research Data Center", and in that, we mean that it has been designed to fulfill the very rigorous demands of high performance computing (HPC), as are most commonly used by the research community.

At commissioning, there will be space for up to 110 racks, baseline cooling for up to 416 kW, 192 kW of uninterruptible power and 400 kW of backup power generation. The room is designed such that increased power, UPS and cooling may be incrementally added.

The campus chilled water infrastructure is delivered through the data center heat exchangers into a closed secondary chilled water infrastructure with many times the BTU capacity of the aforementioned baseline. As large scale computing needs arise, the additional chilling capacity will be available for buildout.

The east end of the room will be separated with an additional level of physical access security for racks which require a higher level of physical protection.

NHDC went operational in May 2012.