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NHDC Milestones

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The NHDC project has begun. The first step is the isolation of network and computing equipment in the east end of the room.

As more specific interim milestones emerge from the general contractor, they will be documented herein.


Demolition of flooring, removal of old electrical and old chilled water piping is in progress during the current 3 week planning outlook.


The 3 week outlook has continued demolition activities, now on the exterior as well. Sidewalks, retaining walls and certain utilities will be affected. A power re-route involving Rm 2124 will occur and require a scheduled shut down. Continued operation of the computing and networking in the east end of the room, with external noise and appearance controls remains sucessful.


Interior construction will be focused on the Ceiling Framing and Infill - This will include the installation of the unistrut Support Brackets and all of the ceiling hangers for the fire protection system.

The utility corridor between Kerr Hall and North Hall on the South side of the building continues.
The Fire Water Connection on the South East side of the building has been started. This
work is still anticipated to be done in two phases - Phase One is 3/4 of the way completed and Phase 2 is anticipated to begin the week of 12/6/10 and be a 4-6 week construction schedule.

Jesse Bickley will work closely with the project team and the building Mechanical Engineer to ensure all measures are being taken to mitigate potential fume smells to the building occupants. This is an on-going effort.


We are roughly 37% completed with construction at North Hall – our main focus is the completion of the High Security area, which should be completed in April. Below is a summary of  the major items taking place. 

Interior Construction – Fire water branch lines are currently being installed. All the CRAH units are on site and being placed in preparation for chilled water piping. Door frames are on-site and being installed in the office/staging area. Unistrut system is completed in the High Security area and cable tray/electrical outlets are currently being mounted. 

Exterior – CMU wall prep is on-going. E-Gen pad and transformer pad to be poured – underground electrical cables being prepped to be pulled once 400V transformer is on site. Utility yard walls footing still on-going.


All, the electrical transformer  for the North Hall project will be arriving on campus this week 6/2/11. We will close the sidewalk for  2-3 hours starting at 7 AM to accommodate the flat bed truck and crane necessary to place the transformer.  This is on the campus impact report located on the  facilities website Construction Impacts - Telli


The North Hall Data Center construction is roughly 70% completed. Major milestones for the project have been the placement of the generator, transformer, and heat exchangers. The construction of the new utility yard walls are almost completed, and the new sidewalk between Kerr and North Hall will be our next  task. Interior work continues on the chilled water piping and the office storefront installation.


The next phase of the North Hall Data Center Construction Project is to replace the existing transformer that provides power to the entire North Hall building (both the two story and three). This is an upgrade given the age of the existing transformer and will  provide better  reliability to the building as a whole.

This work will require a full building power outage. Our schedule would be to start the outage Friday 8/26 at 4:30pm – through – Sunday 8/28 8pm. All power would be restored prior to the start of work Monday. It would be suggested that all equipment be powered off prior to 4pm on Friday. We will work closely with Facilities Management to insure that signs are located throughout the building indicating that power is not available during this time period.

While normal building power will be restored Sunday night – the Data Center will require more time. A generator will be attached to the UPS to maintain power to the critical campus equipment currently located in the data center. The generator will be in place until Tuesday 8/30.


The comissioning process for various systems and the pre-installation of certain IT infrastructure will have an opportunity for some parallelism prior to the completion date.

Completion - Approximately 12 months - Estimated for December 2011

On day 1 of availability, the plan has been to have a pre-installed infrastructure of racks, PDUs, networking and miscellaneous, of approximately 19 racks. This does not include the existing rack count in the east end. The room's physical space allows for up to 110 racks.

In the course of the year, between now and completion, we assume that some amount of pre-coordinated and scheduled movement into this space will be planned. If that activity results in an initial demand larger than the current 19 rack plan, we will of course accomodate.

Another variation on this theme would be the coordination of equipment that does not fall within the standardized rack environment. If such a requirement emerges, that will be integrated into the day 1 planning as well.


The data center went operational in May 2012. Post comissioning activities are still in progress, but winding down.