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Frequently Asked Questions

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FY 2013/2014 TIF FAQ

last updated February 4, 2013

1. What is the proposed rate for FY 13/14 Technology Infrastructure Fee (TIF)?

We are proposing a rate increase from the current $8.12/FTE/month to $10.30/FTE/month beginning with the July 2013 recharge, which would be based on June 2013 payroll.

2. Why is the rate increasing from last year?

Last year’s rate did not cover the full cost of the services.  It was being subsidized by one-time funds such as salary savings and surplus accumulated earnings from services to students.  Those one-time funds can continue to subsidize the TIF for another two years to allow the fee to slowly grow to be self-supporting.  The following table shows our proposed schedule of TIF rate increases:  

Fiscal Year 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016
Rate $8.12 $10.30 $13.08 $16.59
Subsidy $545,481 $420,937 $236,649 $322

3. Why can’t the rate be subsidized indefinitely?

The subsidy is being provided by one-time funds that we anticipate will be exhausted by FY 16/17.  Not only are they subsidizing the TIF, but they are also subsidizing the business telephone rates and are needed for necessary building maintenance projects.

4. Are there any changes to the services that are being offered for FY 13/14?

No, the TIF supports the same services in FY 13/14 that it did in FY 12/13.  These services are:

• Our connection to the Internet and high speed research networks
• Systems that allow the network to function, e.g., DNS
• Monitoring systems
• Infrastructure support
• CISO and Information Security Program

5. Does the TIF cover all of UCSB’s networking and security costs?

No.  Departments and Divisions pay for the services within their own buildings.  The TIF doesn’t include either the maintenance or major upgrades of the networking infrastructure when it becomes necessary.

6. What is the consultation process?

A D-LIST email was sent out to campus on February 4th announcing the proposed rate increase.  The campus will have until March 6th to submit comments that will be included in the formal proposal to the Income & Recharge Committee.  Comments may be submitted to Elise Meyer, Associate Director of the Office of Information Technology at or 893-5050.

7. What is the TIF Allocator?

By default, the TIF is recharged to the sub 3 of the payroll source for the employee FTE, i.e., if an employee’s salary is paid by 8-724100-19900-1, then the corresponding TIF will be recharged to 8-724100-19900-3.  The TIF Allocator allows a department to change the account to which the TIF is recharged.

8. How can I learn more about the TIF Allocator?

TIF Workshops that will cover the TIF Allocator and also be an opportunity to provide feedback regarding the latest TIF proposal will be given on the following dates/times:

2/14 10am-noon in SSMS 1301
2/15 10am-noon in SSMS 1303
2/20 1-3pm in SSMS 1303
2/21 9-11am in SSMS 1303
2/21 1-3pm in SSMS 1303
2/22 9-11am in SSMS 1303
2/22 1-3pm in SSMS 1303

Please go to the UC Learning Center to sign up for one of these workshops.  Type "TIF" in the search box to find the course listings.

If you have additional questions, please email

The attached documents contain historical information about the creation of the TIF.

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FY1213-TIF-FAQ.doc303.5 KB
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