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UCPath Project Meeting (2012-09-20)

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Date and Time: 
September 20, 2012 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Cheadle 4125

The weekly UCPath project meeting.


To come.


Attendees: Maria Ayllon, Jim Corkill, Darlene Crawford, Cindy Doherty, Ann Dundon, Tom Putnam, Brian Richard

  1. Introduction: Maria Ayllon
  2. Issues: Biweekly Pay Cycle, Kronos, Student Info Systems
  3. Business Process Mapping
  4. G/L Integration Tool
  5. Biweekly Pay Cycle Conversion Communications/Training (post a localized version of FAQ, attached, to new UCSB UCPath Project pages)
  6. Question: Once UCPath is implemented on campus, what campus unit is responsible for maintaining it? Probably use the same model as the FIS.
UCOP%20Biweekly%20Pay%20Cycle%20Conversion%20FAQ's.pdf201.93 KB