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Ajax Essential Training: Review

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A well-organized and clearly presented, hands-on training course in Ajax fundamentals.  Because the exercises require hosting the sample files on a server, the first few chapters were devoted to downloading and installing extra software required for setup--for most techs these chapters would be redundant.  The material, however, is presented in a cleanly modular way, making it very easy to skip over content you don't need.

The exercises clearly illustrated each lesson and were very helpful.  This author typed in all the code by hand onscreen, where other authors copy and paste in code snippets. This was occasionally tedious, but on the other hand would be of benefit to those who are only watching the movie and not using the exercise files.

This course was released in January 2008, and while the content is still applicable, the software and online resources it refers to (WAMP for Vista, Yahoo UI Library 2.4 and related CheatSheets, FireFox v.2) are out of date or no longer available.  Portions of this course are due for an update.