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AWS Meeting 3.6.2014

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General notes from the meeting 3/6/15
UCSB has to register in order to take advantage of the Ent. agreement for AWS. There is a 12-digit number needed in order to set up an account
- 5 people in the meeting are currently using AWS, but not under the agreement
Benefits of using the service can be found on the campus sites outside UCSB (like UCSC)
Note: limiting user accounts option is a huge benefit -- check on the options for that
sub-team set up for looking at the documentation and investigating what UCSB can do to move forward
  • Sherene Strobach, Doug Drury, Steve Miley, Mike Colee, James Woods, Todd Atkins
  • set up a meeting w/Ann Merrihew in the next week or two to talk with this group about implementation and setup
Mixed usage and interest in the group attending the meeting. 
Desires are to use the mechanics, look at network costs and IO cost, use it for more than data recovery?
Sub-team should look at what guidelines should be established for the data usage at UCSB and set up documents for users. Especially best practices - how much will you rely on it for data access and retrieval. 
Payment methods are: PO or CC (flex card)
  • sub-team will ask Ann about payment an usage methods
  • Doug D. will talk with Jake in Purchasing to set up Gateway for AWS in order to accept POs and ETS will Vet.
Consensus reached that we should ask AWS for a demo for campus.  One person clarified that training session might be more valuable. 
Where should the documentation live? confidential information -, general information house on COSL, like the "how-tos".
action item for Sherene and Steve, set up a conf. call with Ann in the next week or two.