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Create and Share Playlists

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version lets you organize courses into playlists, and then share your playlists with others.  This is a good way to group courses you want to watch by subject, or to  recommend courses you have watched to others.

Every user has a default playlist, called "queue." Once you're logged in to and have identified a course you'd like to watch, you can add it to to your queue by clicking the + button next to the course title.

Use the same button to add a course to a playlist you've already created, or to create a new one.

To see all your playlists, expand the "my courses" menu and select "playlists-view all" (if you haven't created any playlists yet, select "queue-view all").

For details on creating, using, and sharing playlists, visit the FAQ page and filter by "Playlists."