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Synchronize your Oracle Calendar with your Mobile Device and Google

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Smart-Phone Syncing with CorporateTime (aka "Oracle Calendar")

Several smart-phone devices are able to synchronize their calendar with our CorporateTime calendar service using the proper synchronization software. These include:

RIM Blackberry

Nexthaus Corporation provides SyncML software for Blackberry devices.  This software, called SyncJE, is available for purchase from Nexthaus Corporation:

Apple iPhone (iOS 3 or iOS 4)

Synthesis AG provides the "Todo+Cal+Sync" client for iPhone devices. This application provides its own ToDo feature and Calendar for the Apple iPhone. Please note that the calendar sync does not synchronize with the native iPhone calendar.  This application is available from the Apple App Store:

Apple iPhone (iOS 4)

Synthesis AG provides the "SyncML PRO" client for iPhone devices running iOS 4. This application synchronizes with the native iPhone calendar (only). This application is available from the Apple App Store:

Android Devices

Synthesis AG provides the "Android SyncML" client for Android devices (Motorola, HTC). This application is available at

For configuration instructions, please visit:

Reflecting Your CorporateTime Calendar into the Google Environment

We have received many questions about reflecting one’s CorporateTime calendar up into the Google calendar environment. From there, I believe, folks feel that they would be able to share their calendars with others not using CorporateTime.

In an effort to share what we have learned, we present the following summary of information regarding the synchronization of smart-phone devices with the Google calendar environment. Combining the information above (synchronizing CorporateTime with one’s smart-phone calendar) and the information that follows (synchronizing one’s Smart-Phone calendar with their Google calendar) may provide the mechanism to reflect CorporateTime calendar information in the Google calendar environment. We wish those attempting this journey the best of luck!

Smart-Phone Syncing with the Google Calendar

Many smart-phones can synchronize their calendar, contacts and (perhaps) task lists with Google. One needs a Google account, of course, and to properly configure their smart-phone device.

As a starting point, visit

RIM Blackberry

Note: Our experiments, and reports we’ve read on various Blackberry forums, indicate that Google calendar synchronization with Blackberry devices is problematic. In fact, reports suggest problems which, if you are synchronizing with your CorporateTime calendar, can cause large-scale deletions of CorporateTime agenda items. We would strongly suggest those with Blackberry devices refrain from synchronizing with their Google calendar until this situation improves (and is verified). We will continue to monitor and test.

For information about synchronizing a RIM Blackberry device with Google calendar, please see:

Apple iPhones 

For information about synchronizing anApple iPhone device with Google calendar, please see:

Note: Our experiments with synchronizing Apple’s iPhone calendar with the Google calendar indicate that they work well together. Of course, we have only limited experience so far, so we will continue to test and monitor this arrangement.

Android Devices 

Since Google produces the operating system for Android devices, synchronizing with a Google account is, relatively, "built into" these devices. No additional software is required to synchronize the Android calendar, contacts or, if you use them, Google tasks.

Note: If you are using the Synthesis Android SyncML client and execute a "Slow Sync" or a "Device Reload" either task will delete all calendar entries on your Android device and then rebuild that calendar. The Android calendar sometimes "stumbles" on the number of deletions for the Google calendar and produces a "Notification" message "Too many Calendar deletes." After selecting the "Notification" you are presented with the following options:

  • Delete the items
  • Undo the deletes
  • Do nothing for now

After choosing "Delete the items" things usually progress just fine. Occasionally, however, the Google calendar synchronization gets into an un-ending state.  After a reasonable amount of time (maybe an hour or more, depending on the number of calendar entries being synchronized) we would suggest you cancel the Google sync. This seems to clear up the problem and all is well.

Addendum: Our recent experience and testing with the Android OS version 2.2 and Synthesis SyncML version seem to indicate that this may no longer be a problem.