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Computer Labs

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UCSB provides a variety of computer lab classroom facilities on campus for students, faculty and staff.

There are a three different types of computer labs:

  • Instructional Classroom Labs: Instructional computer labs are locations that primarily serve as locations for classes which require computers with specific software titles for sections or lectures.  Each lab classroom generally consists of 6-30 student computer stations, a lectern for the instructor, projectors, white boards or a writing surface for instruction, USB and audio/video inputs for flash drives and laptops.  Each instructional lab location is typically scheduled in a different manner than a standard classroom - suited to specific software titles, configurations or special requirements for classes.  Most instructional classroom labs are available for "drop in" usage between scheduled classes and these labs may be reserved for specific affiliations, projects or alternate instructional purposes (used by the College of Letters & Science, Engineering, GGSE, or affiliates to the University). But the varied use of the spaces make them quite different from a "Departmental" classroom.
  • Open Access Lab:  Open Access (OA) Labs are spaces specifically set aside for student use, printing and general computing needs.  Generally there are no classes scheduled in Open Access labs so that students can use them to print assignments, do classwork and provide an open area with a broad range of hours for academic study. There are three OA labs maintained by Collaborate and LSIT - Phelps 1521, HSSB 1203 and LSCF 1804 (Psychology East). These labs may contain a mix of PC and Macintosh computers,  but all have print stations, printers and a student help desk dedicated to assisting academic needs. 
  • Departmental: Departmental computer labs are spaces for instruction or other use that maintained and used by specific departments for their own students.  These computer labs are not generally available for other use. They may contain a set of computers, a lectern, a projector or a display but are not limited to a set design and vary according to the need of each department. 

If a computer lab exists that is not in this list, please let us know so we can add it.

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