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OIT's Supercomputing division provides both user and system support. Supercomputing support is available to:

  • Users of SDSC and XSEDE resources.
  • UCSB faculty and researchers using HPC resources.
  • UCSB students using HPC tools as part of their coursework.

In addition to providing support for accounts at SDSC and XSEDE, we also:

  • Educate users in the available alternatives: the architectures, tools, libraries, and applications that they might use to solve their computational problems.
  • Assist users in designing their HPC applications and in choosing and using the tools to build them.
  • Point you to informational resources of all kinds in your pursuit of the quickest path to solving your problem.
  • Facilitate collaborative research. Let us know what you're considering and we'll discuss how we might share the load.

For information on access to SDSC and XSEDE resources, see Accounts. For additional support questions, email