With the advent of Box and G Suite, and our focus on a mobile-first, cloud-first future enabling Remote Work this Service is being retired and is not open to new customers. 

Existing Customers please contact your service representative or the IT Services Catalog at http://ithelp.ucsb.edu/ or call x5000. 

This document describes the set of services provided in the administration of a server system for a specific department or group of departments. Under general supervision the WSS team will administer and support the department’s server operating system, associated hardware, software, and system users. Responsibilities will include the following specific tasks and duties. 

Hardware Support

WSS will work directly with the hardware maintenance organization(s) responsible for all attached equipment that is either under warranty or a specific hardware service agreement. WSS will provide all preliminary diagnostics and documentation as required by the respective original equipment manufacturers, be present on site on an “as needed” basis by such vendors, swap in/out modules and/or new devices, assist department with all contractual negotiations for said services and review and recommend options available for system maintenance.

The equipment covered under this service description is identified in a separate attachment to this document after review and mutual agreement between the WSS and the department. Any additions or changes to the equipment on this list must also be through mutual agreement and should result in discussions regarding the support required. WSS will advise the department regarding system equipment and peripheral devices.

Operating System Software

WSS will be responsible for the installation and ongoing maintenance of the operating system at the version and release level agreed to by both parties. WSS will assist the department with the acquisition of such software or upgrades related to this software. All software support materials, contact names, email identifiers, procedures, etc. provided by the vendor should be provided to WSS. If the vendor provides for both administrative and technical contacts as separate entities, then WSS should be registered as the technical contact of record. Any vendor-initiated changes to the support process should be forwarded to the WSS. The software will be installed according to the vendor(s) specifications and configured as requested by the department’s Primary Contact.

WSS will provide all preliminary diagnostics and documentation as required by the respective software vendor(s) support contracts, will track the status of such outstanding problems as may exist, will install any vendor suggested fixes or workarounds, and will report on all logged items to the customer.

WSS will create or acquire programs necessary to administer or maintain the system computing environment insofar as these programs require no licensing or fees. The departments must purchase programs that do not meet these conditions.

System Procedures

Hours of Operation

Prime Time: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday excluding UCSB Administrative holidays.

Non-Prime Time: 5:00  PM - 8:00 AM, Monday - Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday and all UCSB Administrative holidays.

Restoration of Service

If a disruption of service occurs during prime time a maximum effort will be made to restore service.

If a disruption of service occurs during non-primetime, contact will be made with WSS and a reasonable effort will be made to restore service.

Corrective Maintenance and System Development

WSS will reserve a “maintenance window” from 8-10 p.m. on Sunday evenings to make necessary system changes. During this period the server system may be unavailable.

Corrective procedures necessary for proper system performance and function will be coordinated and scheduled with the department’s primary contact.

The server may, on occasion, need immediate corrective maintenance applied and will be unavailable to customers as a result. In these unusual cases the primary contact will be notified immediately.

New software or equipment changes, which add new or enhanced functions or features, will be coordinated and scheduled with the primary contact.

Data Management

WSS will configure and maintain the programs needed by WSS or operations staff in order to carry out the following duties.

Backups, Data Recovery and File restorations

WSS is responsible for coordinating system backups. All closed files residing on the file server at the time of a system backup and appropriate for that backup will be copied to the backup. As of 2016, the WSS services reside on the ITS Core Services Virtual Infrastructure and leverage the enterprise backup tools used there including disk array LUN snapshots, VEEAM Virtual Machine backups, and Microsoft Azure File Recovery Services. Legacy archives remain in Arcserve format at this time. The concept of Daily, Weekly, Monthly has been retired. VSS are enabled allowing customer self-restore or guided restore through the ETSC. Backup data is replicated offsite in Azure. 


Specific Programs Executing on the Server System

WSS will create or acquire programs necessary to support computing needs of system users or WSS staff to include anti-virus software.

File sharing

The server system will provide a repository for files owned by individuals in the department.

Print spooling

The server system may serve as a print “spool” for print files that will be routed to departmental printers connected to the department’s LAN with the TCP/IP transport and lpr/lpd protocol using plain text or HP PCL printer command language.  Requests for support for any other transports, protocols and printer command languages must be discussed and agreed to by both parties.

User documentation & support

WSS will consult with and advise the department’s Primary Contact in locating documentation and consulting support required by the department’s users.

The Primary Contact will be responsible for providing the initial consultation and support for users of the server system.  WSS will provide support and consultation for the Primary Contact should this be necessary and appropriate.

Trouble reporting

Customers experiencing a loss of service should report this to the Primary Contact or their designee.  If the Primary Contact believes the problem resides in the server service they should contact WSS.  WSS will ask the Primary Contact to provide as much documentation of the problem as possible so that WSS can attempt to replicate the reported incident.

Server Accounts

Individual accounts will be provided and administered by WSS. The department’s Primary Contact should send requests for new accounts, for closing old accounts or for changing accounts to WSS.

Workstation configuration

Configuration of departmental workstations, operating systems, communications protocols and network connections will be the responsibility of the department’s workstation support staff. WSS will provide technical information and details necessary for connecting to the server system.

Workstations running Windows 2000 or newer versions are suitable for accessing a Windows server system. Support for Macintosh systems may require the execution of specific server-based software. The details and disclosures of such service must be discussed and, if chosen, separately specified in the "software supported" attachment.

Security, Environment and Care

WSS utilizes the ITS Core Services Virtual Infrastructure hosted at  the North Hall Data Center for hosting services. The Core Services VIrtual Infrastructure provides enterprise application hosting for mission critical campus business systems and is well equipped to accomodate the incremental WSS load. Leveraging the CSVI elimiantes the need for WSS to own and maintain duplicative hardware and software, lessening expense and staff effort to the University.