Service Description

Communications Services, in conjunction with Cox Communications of Santa Barbara, provides cable television service to faculty and staff offices and labs.

Communications Services offers a cable connection and Cox's standard channel selection as a Cable Television Service Connection through its Standard Service. For definitions and details on usage, see our Cable Television Policy page.

Communications Services also offers a bulk cable television rate, based on the charge model of DirectTV and other satellite companies: a standard monthly rate for the first outlet and a greatly reduced rate for each additional outlet in the same building, recharged to the same department. There is a one-time installation charge for each outlet.

Getting Cable Television Service

Other Services Available From Cox

Once you've subscribed to Communications Services Standard Service, you can subscribe to additional cable television services from Cox, including Premium, Digital, and Pay-Per-View. These services are ordered, billed, and supported directly from Cox Communications, and billing arrangements with Cox must be made by your department prior to installation. To order any of these Cox services, call (805) 683-6651 and tell them you want to add service to an existing connection on the UCSB campus.

For information about current offerings in the services listed below, visit the Cox Communications website, or call Cox at (805) 683-6651.

  • Cox Premium Services
    Examples of Premium services are Home Box Office, Showtime, and Cinemax.
  • Cox Digital Service
    Digital service expands the selection of channels available and can be ordered in several configurations.
  • Cox Pay-Per-View 
    Pay-Per-View allows the purchase of special one-time events, or allows the viewing of specific movies on a time-limited basis.