The Office of the Chief Information Officer is providing virtual, instructor-led training on how to create and edit process maps using the Promapp tool and techniques from Lean Six Sigma.

Promapp is a business process management solution that helps organizations build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository. Promapp supports process improvement by simplifying process mapping so that teams can own and improve their processes. This is another important step in our efforts on campus to build systematic process improvement practices and start normalizing the vocabulary for process improvement. Using this tool, we can identify process improvement opportunities, increase process awareness, preserve institutional knowledge, and support succession planning.

You can learn the basics of creating and editing process maps, as well as best practices for creating engaging processes, by taking one of our 3-hour training sessions. Upon completion of the course, participants will be prepared to share their process mapping skills with their departments to document and improve the processes they work with day-to-day.

Topics Covered

  • Start from a high-level view of the process to develop a framework for the process map
  • Refine the process map with further detail in the form of tasks and notes
  • Discover options for linking processes together to create an end-to-end view of a cross-functional process
  • Add tagging to capture opportunities for improvement
  • Learn about Promapp advanced features
  • Create checklists from published processes to create a simple workflow

Upcoming training dates are below:

In late fall 2019, UC Santa Barbara adopted Promapp as the campus process mapping tool for use by Lean Six Sigma Green Belt practitioners in their continuous improvement work. Since the initial adoption and training in November 2019, we have trained each new Lean Six Sigma Green Belt cohort so that they could leverage this easy-to-use process mapping tool to document the current state of the business processes they are seeking to improve. Additional users from projects where process mapping has played a key role have also benefited from Promapp training. Now that we have expanded the number of Lean Six Sigma practitioners on campus by offering Yellow Belt training, we wanted to broaden our Lean Six Sigma offerings to include process mapping training.

For more information or to register, please visit the Process Mapping webpage. Additionally, you can view a swim lane diagram of expectations for the registration and training process, created with Promapp.

If you are interested in receiving a notification once additional sessions become available, please contact to be included in future outreach.