Southern California Edison (SCE) plans to shut off power to the main UCSB campus beginning Saturday evening, September 19, until Sunday afternoon, September 20. 

If you have not done so already, ETS and Facilities Management suggest that you begin to develop plans now to minimize risk to on-campus equipment and maintain social distancing if you need to be on campus before or after the outage. 

IT staff should connect with your local MSO to safely handle equipment (e.g., computers, printers, and servers) shutdown and power-up, building access, back-up power, etc. 

Also, consider: 

  • Servers: Where are they? What are they connected to? Which applications do they support?
  • Who is going to be on campus for the shutdown and power up?
  • Will you need access to buildings, including ID badges or keys? 
  • Are certain areas equipped with an alarm? Do you need alarm codes or accompaniment to those areas to access equipment?
  • Which areas need extra safety and precaution, as they may be hazardous?
  • What specialized/ancillary equipment will need attention in addition to computers and printers, e.g., lab equipment.

For more information and updates, visit If you have questions or need to identify areas that may require special attention, email

2020 SCE Planned Power Outage map

During the outage, power service to the main campus and some student housing will be unavailable. Affected locations are depicted by the buildings in yellow on the map below. Faculty housing in the Ocean Walk and West Campus communities are on separate transmission lines and will not be impacted.