Over the last eight months, our DocuSign user base has grown from 614 to 2,897. With that increase in usage, many requests have come in to make enhancements or changes to DocuSign settings and themes. The Campus DocuSign Administrators review and test all campus-wide changes are reviewed and tested.

On October 1, 2020, UCSB enabled several of these new features and enhancements that have been approved by the Campus DocuSign Administrators.

New DocuSign Theme and Logo

  • To stay in line with UCSB branding, we will change our DocuSign theme to the Primary Wordmark. We will also update the theme colors with this change. 

New Email Theme and Logo (Requested Feature) - Deans, Department Heads, Management Services Officers, and Administrative Assistants:

  • Your signers (internal and external) will notice a new theme and layout for all DocuSign invitation emails. The new theme is lighter and the new logo provides more space for important email messages included in DocuSign signer invitations.

DocuSign new invitation email UCSB theme

New Retention Policy in DocuSign (Requested Feature)

  • This update enabled a 90-day retention policy in our DocuSign account. 
  • All Completed, Voided, or Declined (terminus status) will be placed in a purge queue 90 days after they are completed, voided, or declined. The documents will then remain in a secondary purge queue for an additional 14 days before they are permanently deleted. We will remove fields, metadata and redact any personally identifiable information on completed, voided, and deleted envelopes with this purge. 
  • With this change, purge email notifications (warnings) will be sent to both the Senders of all envelopes and all Recipients of those envelopes in case they have not moved their envelope to an approved storage location. 
  • For envelopes that have already been completed, voided, or declined, the system will check the timestamp of the date they reached that terminal status, any envelopes that did so over or equal to 90 days before October. 1 will be placed in the 14-day purge queue that night. Any envelopes that have a terminal date timestamp of less than 90 days will be placed in the 14-day purge queue when the envelopes’ terminal status reaches 90 days.   
  • NOTE: The owner of the process stored in DocuSign (campus administrative unit or departmental unit)  is responsible for retaining the official completed copy of an envelope. DocuSign completed envelopes/records should be transferred to a university repository (Box, Google Drive, department server) to be retained until retention requirements are met and destroyed in accordance with UCSB electronic records retention policy. 
  • To read more about DocuSign’s retention policy, read - Document Retention - DocuSign eSignature Admin Guide or Document Retention & Targeted Envelope Purge: What you should know before using these features

New DocuSign Directory

  • On October 1, when adding senders to an envelope or template, you can use a directory of ALL accounts in DocuSign. It does not include all UCSB users but will provide the DocuSign email address for all account holders.
  • Reminder: Please only use the recipient’s UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu email address to send envelopes in order to connect your envelope/template to the correct UCSB DocuSign account. 

The Directory will list the UCSB DocuSign account for many users. If you need to add a user, not in the Directory, please look up their UCSBnetID in im.ucsb.edu (click Find People and enter either “firstName lastName" or "lastName, firstName.” 

We will host a DocuSign Open Forum on October 22 at 1:30 p.m. to answer any questions about these new settings. See the email announcement for the Zoom information.

If you would like to make a feature request, have any questions or comments, email DocuSign@ucsb.edu.

UCSB Campus DocuSign Administrators:

Lisa Hall, Process Innovation Team
Dawn Gregory, Process Innovation Team
Christina Milbrecht, Administrative & Residential Information Technology
Eura Szuwalski, Process Innovation Team
Tedi Tehrani, Student Affairs Information Systems
Kira Walther, Professional and Continuing Education