Zoom recently announced two updates occurring this month. Please review the entire article to learn more about this important information. 

Zoom Schedulers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, or Outlook plug-ins) - September 20 and 22

If you use Zoom Schedulers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, or Outlook plug-ins), Zoom will enhance these tools to help your transition to using Passcodes and/or Waiting Rooms. 

The change will impact any Outlook Integrations, Browser extensions for Google calendar, and your Client Scheduler. The way your Web Portal scheduler behaves, as well as any third-party schedulers that you may use, will remain the same. 

These changes go into effect on September 20 for the Client Scheduler, Outlook Plug-in/Add-in, and September 22 for Browser extensions for Google calendar (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). 

After these dates, the schedulers will always reflect the user's settings in the Zoom web portal for each new meeting scheduled. If a user changes a specific setting, it will only take effect for that scheduled meeting. Future scheduled meetings will default the settings to what the user sees in their web portal. 

Note: For browser extensions for Google calendar, only the Passcode and Waiting Room settings will follow this logic. The rest of the settings will still follow the values defined locally from the scheduler.

Additional Information and Support

For assistance or additional questions, employees can contact the IT Services Catalog at ithelp.ucsb.edu or (805) 893-5000 (x5000).