See below for two updates regarding Zoom’s recent September announcement and a new information page dedicated to Zoom at

Zoom Retracts September 27 Plans, Zoom Scheduler Updates Still Apply

Zoom has retracted its original plan to make Waiting Rooms and/or Passcodes mandatory for all Zoom meetings.

Instead, UCSB ETS staff will: 

  • Implement a Passcode for all meetings beginning in November.

  • Strongly recommend that users enable a Waiting Room for meetings (especially webinars). You can automatically admit users in the domain into your meetings by making the following settings change in your profile: 

    • Sign in to your profile at

    • In the “Waiting Room Options” section, click on “Edit Options.”

    • In the “Who should go in the Waiting Room?” section, we recommend the third option and specify “, *” (without the quotation marks) in the text box. This will ensure UCSB users do not get put into a Waiting Room.

    • Click “Continue.”

    • For this practice to be most effective, ask your attendees to log in to Zoom using their UCSBNetID. 

  • Require that end-users configure Waiting Rooms for any meeting they publish on social media. 

  • Allow meeting hosts to decide if they want to use the Registration option

The Zoom scheduler updates we announced for September 20 and 22 still apply

New Zoom Page at

Earlier this year, the UCSB Office of the CIO and ETS published a new page dedicated to all things Zoom at

Beginning Friday, September 25, 2020, the current Zoom page located at will redirect to When you type or copy and paste into your browser, it will now take you to This allows us to use the appropriate UCSB-branded web theme and exercise more control over the page’s content. 

All in-app Zoom links will remain the same, e.g., will still take you to Zoom’s homepage. 

For questions about this change or using Zoom in general, contact the IT Services Desk at (805) 893-5000 (x5000) or at